Security & Life Safety

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Brookfield’s security system includes uniformed officers who are stationed at strategic points and make regular tours through the common areas of the building, electronic surveillance cameras, and devices, an access control system, and other components.

Security officers give directions; assist employees, visitors, and others in need of help, receive and secure lost and found items, and provide other kinds of assistance.

Members of Brookfield’s security staff are not police officers, nor do they physically apprehend wrongdoers. Security officers contact Central Operations to call the Denver Police Department, Fire Department, and/or Emergency Services, if necessary. Please call the building management office with any questions or suggestions regarding building security.

Building Security Is Everybody’s Business.

Effectiveness of a security system depends on the cooperation of everyone in the building. The public areas of 1801 California are open to the general public during most of the day, but if a tenant employee sees someone loitering, a package left unattended, or any other unusual or questionable situation, he or she should immediately inform a security officer or the building management office.

All Emergencies
Building Management Office
Building Security Office

Safety Communications Platform

LiveSafe is a mobile two-way safety communications App that gives Management & Security an immediate path to communicating important information. It further gives every member of the community a rich set of tools to manage their personal safety on a daily basis.

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