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Wells Fargo Center Parking Garage is at 1700 Sherman Street, east of the Wells Fargo Center building.  The garage is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  LAZ Parking performs remote monitoring 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Parking  Facility  sits directly across from the Wells Fargo Center on Sherman Street. The entrance to the Parking  Facility  is on the North end of the structure at the up-ramp labeled "Public and Contract Parking".


There are four SemaConnect  electric vehicle  charging  stations  located  in the Wells  Fargo Center Parking  Garage  on Level 2 near the exit gates. They are available for member and  non-member  use.

Members will receive the first 4 hours of charging free with  incremental fees of $5.00  every 15 minutes after that.

Monthly Cost

$230: Unreserved Monthly Parkers
$296: Upper Reserve Parkers (a part of the garage public access)
$355: Lower Reserve Parkers (exclusive access to Lower Reserve Parkers)

If you have any questions  or concerns regarding parking at Wells Fargo Center, please contact:

Steven Brunswig
Parking Project Manager
(303) 291-1111 x139

Adrian Hernandez
Parking Director of Operations
(303) 291-1111 x133

Building Management Office
(303) 863-1303

Garage Amenities 

Midas Car Care
(303) 595-0076

Speedy Auto Glass
(888) 892-9859

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