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Security at Wells Fargo Center Denver is provided by a combination of electronic monitoring and personnel. Security service is provided on a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Building Hours

The Wells Fargo Center is open to the public from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 7:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. All other times, including Sundays and designated holidays, an access card will be required to enter the building. Building access is attained by using the card readers located at each perimeter entrances. The entrances are located at the Sherman Street (lobby) level, the Wells Fargo Center Garage, the entrances to the pedestrian and service tunnels, the skybridge over Lincoln Street which connects 1700 Broadway and the Wells Fargo Center, and at the Lincoln Street entrance.

After building hours, a person without an access card can be admitted to the building by pressing the intercom at any exterior building card reader location. Notification from our Tenants that they are expecting guests or clients after hours is appreciated. The security team is directed to contact the company's designated "Tenant Contact" for guest authorization prior to allowing admittance.

An access card is required in the passenger elevators at all times.

Building Access Cards

Building access cards will be issued to Tenants at the time of move-in, or upon written Tenant request.

The company's designated "Access Card Contact" is responsible for administering the building access card requests. Please ensure each card reflects the accurate name and clearance codes for the individual users. Access card changes such as additions, deletions or a request for replacement cards can be obtained through the Building Management Office upon written/electronic request. While we appreciate 24-hour advance notice for completion of card changes, we will do our best to accommodate any emergency situations you may have. A fee for lost or damaged cards may be assessed.

We ask that all lost or misplaced cards be reported to the Building Management Office immediately for deactivation purposes.

Tenant Suite Access

Access to a Tenant's leased premises by the building staff will be granted only pursuant to our Tenant's written request clearly identifying who is authorized to be in the space, the purpose and the individual granting authorization. Service personnel, such as carpet cleaners or repair technicians, will not be granted access to a Tenant's leased premises without such written authorization.

Moving crews will not be granted access to a Tenant's premises by building personnel under any circumstances. We also require that any pickups or deliveries of office equipment or furniture be supervised by a representative of the Tenant.

Tenant Suite Security

Upon prior Landlord approval, Tenants may have a security system installed for the leased premises, assuming the proposed system conforms to the Building Rules and Regulations as well as all applicable government codes. The cost associated with any and all Tenant suite security systems shall be the sole responsibility of the Tenant.

Emergency Contacts

Listed below are a number of important telephone numbers. In an emergency situation call 911. After calling the appropriate emergency agency please contact the Building Management Office.

All Emergencies
Building Management Office
Building Security at Wells Fargo Center
Fire Department
Poison Control Center
National Weather Center

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