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Brookfield’s ParkServe garages are thoughtfully designed to offer premium service to our guests. Well equipped with extensive amenities and perks, our garages boast superior air quality, lighting and maintenance, complimentary ValetAssist, among many other benefits. These premium facilities offer a wide range of value-added services. Although the garages are fully automated, parking staff are available Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 12:00AM. Security patrols and monitors the garage after hours and on weekends to provide assistance.

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With approximately 1000 underground parking stalls, the garage has eleven levels of parking for daily and monthly use for both tenants and visitors.

The entrance to the underground garage is accessible from both Adelaide St. and York St. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Maximum vehicle height allowed is 1.95 metres or 6 feet 5 inches.

Please note: York Street is one-way northbound.  Adelaide Street is one-way eastbound.

Standard Parking of Canada Ltd. is an independent parking management company presently under contract with Brookfield to operate the parking garage at First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower.  For further information regarding the parking garage, to make special arrangements for prepaid guest and/or staff parking validations, or details about our ParkServe loyalty program, please call (416) 862- 6129 or visit the Parking Office located  in the A Level of the Parking  Garage.

Tenant and Visitor Parking
Tenant and visitor parking stalls are available on all levels, please see below for daily rates. Five parking elevators provide access to Ground and Concourse floors in First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower

The daily transient parking rates including HST:

  • $  5.00 per 20 minutes or less Monday to Friday (5:00a.m. to 6:30p.m.), to a $30.00  daily maximum,  then
    $  2.00 per 20 minutes or less Monday to Friday (6:30p.m. to 5:00a.m.)
  • $40.00  daily/evening combined up to 24 hrs
  • $12.00  weekend / holidays – up to 24 hrs

Cash and the following credit cards; Visa, MasterCard and American Express, are accepted at all eight pay stations located in the parking elevator lobbies. Both exit terminals will also process credit cards transactions.

Monthly Parking
A parking access electronic transponder is available for customers who are interested in arranging for regular monthly parking. The transponder mounts directly onto the windshield behind the rear view mirror and allows for convenient, hands free access in and out of the parking garage. Details on registering for monthly parking can be obtained by contacting the Parking Office at 416 -862 6129 or by visiting our website at

Currently, the rates for monthly parking permit are as follows (rates plus taxes):

  • RESERVED: $619.47 + HST 80.53 = $700
  • UNRESERVED: $398.23 + HST 51.77 = $450
  • OVERNIGHT UNRESERVED: $125.67 + HST $16.33 = $142.00

All monthly parking permits must be requested in writing through the Parking Office. Please contact the Parking Office for further details. (Lease restrictions may apply).
Please note: any parking cancellations, lost or replacement permits must also be reported to the Parking Office.

For a complete list of services and amenities, please click on ParkServe under the Quick Links or visit There you will find individual items of interest such as:

  • ParkServe Brochure
  • Monthly Parking Application Form
  • Parking Authorization Form
  • Preauthorized Payment Form
  • Details on our monthly Park&Win loyalty program

Park&Win Loyalty Program
What do HD TVs, iPods, Dyson vacuums and air multipliers, Gift Cards and GPSs have in common? They’re just some of the exciting prizes you could win by being a regular monthly parker at one of our ParkServe garages - our way of saying thank you for your loyalty and we’re glad you’ve got a spot with us. Each month, the names of all loyalty members are automatically entered into a draw, with a different prize awarded each time. Whether your parking status is new, existing or coming up for renewal, the prizes are great and the odds of winning are even greater.

Green Amenities at First Canadian Place include:

Car Sharing Partnership - In an effort to encourage and facilitate environmentally responsible driving, First Canadian Place has ZipCar vehicles (including at least 1 hybrid) available on level A.

Valet Parking - Complimentary ValetAssist parking is available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays, on level A.

Complimentary Services:
If You Have Locked your Keys in your Vehicle - Complimentary service to unlock your vehicle is available to all patrons of the parking garage. If you are in need of this service, please call the on site Parking Office at 416-862 6304 or through the Pay Station intercom located in each Parking Elevator Lobby.

If Your Vehicle Battery Needs a Boost - Complimentary battery boost service is available to all patrons of the parking garage. If you are in need of this service, please call the Parking Office at 416-862 6304 or through the Pay Station intercom located in each Parking Elevator Lobby.

If Your Vehicle Windshield is dirty – Complimentary Self Serve windshield fluid is available to all patrons of the parking garage

Tire Inflation and Windshield Stations - Complimentary windshield washing fluid and tire inflation courtesy stations are conveniently located on level A.


  • Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed. Any vehicles parked in the
    designated fire route will also be ticketed.
  • Vehicles parked in the garage are entirely at the risk of the vehicle owner. The Landlord and/or Property Management shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles parked in the garage or the contents however caused or incurred.
  • No washing or repairing of vehicles is allowed in the garage.
  • No overnight parking.

For your own safety, please remember to lock all doors and close all windows after you have parked your vehicle in the garage. Valuables and cellular phones should be stored and locked in the trunk, where at all possible.

Parking Garage Emergency Duress System
This security system includes custom designed duress / information stations as well as a number of new cameras placed throughout the parking complex. The cameras which are being used to monitor the parking complex are also connected to the new duress stations emergency buttons and are being monitored by security twenty four hours a day. Once an emergency button is pressed, a blue beacon above the unit will flash and the nearby camera(s) will immediately turn to the area of the activated duress station and subsequently record all activity in the area of the occurrence. Security will simultaneously be notified and will respond via the intercom in the unit as well as dispatch security personnel to assist.

The duress / information stations are located at a number of locations throughout every level of the parking complex including the parking elevator lobbies. The units in the parking garage are clearly visible and readily identifiable from most places in the parking garage as there is a blue beacon light mounted to the ceiling above each unit. The units are stainless steel and are clearly marked with the words “Emergency Assist Station” across the front panel. The lower portion of the unit has two buttons on it. The smaller silver button on the left is marked “Information” and is to be used to contact parking or security staff via the internal intercom for non emergency related situations. The large red button on the lower right side of the unit is marked “Emergency” and should only be used to notify security staff of emergency situations.

Should you have any questions about this new system or any other security related matters, please feel free to contact Eric Kilchling, Assistant Manager, Security & Life Safety at

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