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707 17th Street

Denver City Center does not have any on-site parking. The building contracts with SP Plus (SP+) at 1847 California Street, to provide a limited number of parking spaces based on your lease. The main office is located at 1890 Stout Street, within the parking garage.

To access this parking garage, you must enter on the California Street side of the parking structure and proceed to “707 17th Street Parking.” This is located in levels L-1 through L-4 of the parking structure. You are permitted to park in any non-reserved areas (unless you purchased a reserved area).

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Johns Manville Plaza

The Plaza Garage located at 1820 California St. offers limited monthly parking for tenants of Johns Manville Plaza. Unreserved spaces may be available based on the terms of your lease.

There is also additional public open parking lots along Welton Street, between 18th Street and 22nd Street, and along Broadway, between 18th Street and 20th Street.

Please report any changes of address, telephone number, employer, vehicle, license number, etc. to the SP Plus (SP+) for 707 17th Street and or to the Plaza Garage Parking Office for Johns Manville Plaza.

Please obtain your parking access card through the Plaza Garage Office.

Please contact SP Plus (SP+) for more detailed information on the Plaza Garage.

Parking Spaces

Authorized parkers are entitled to one parking space. Vehicles parked over parking space lines may be subjected to ticketing and possible towing.

Certain spaces are designated for physically disabled persons. These spaces may be used for vehicles displaying a placard with the International Symbol of Accessibility that is issued by the City. This must be attached to the rearview mirror or open lowered sun visor as seen through the front windshield. All others will be towed away and/or subject to a fine.

Certain spaces are also designated for compact cars only. A compact car is defined as being less than six feet wide and sixteen and one half feet long. Only vehicles in this category should use these designated spaces.

Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces will be towed away without warning.

Oversized Vehicles

The parking garage at 1890 Stout Street has a height restriction of 6 feet and 6 inches. Any vehicle over this height will need to park in the public open parking lots along Welton Street and/or Broadway. 707 17th Street does not have on-site parking for oversized vehicles.


Motorcycles may be parked in the garage at a discounted rate if they use the space designated for motorcycle parking, and do not park in designated vehicle parking and/or block vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in elevator lobbies and stairwell landings or entryways.

Vehicles Requiring Service and Repair

The parking garage will not be used to perform repairs on any vehicle. Vehicles in need of repair must be towed from the garage to an appropriate facility. Flat tires, dead batteries and windshield chips are exceptions to the above. The owner/operator of a vehicle requiring towing must make arrangements with a towing service to have the vehicle removed. The SP Plus (SP+) office should be notified that the towing service has permission to remove the vehicle.

Any vehicle that in the judgment of SP Plus (SP+) creates a dangerous situation (for example, leaking gasoline) will be removed from the garage at the owner’s expense.

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