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At Suncor Energy Centre we raise the bar for real estate everywhere. That’s why we actively manage our building’s environmental performance. For the past 13 years, we’ve tracked every kilowatt of energy used. Every litre of water consumed. And every tonne of waste generated.

Our commitment to performance means we participate in industry and internal benchmarking. Each year we report to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) to see where we stand among peers. Nine years running, Brookfield Properties continues to rank as a 4 Green Star participant.

Our operations are focused on excellence for you and for the planet. The building is LEED® EB:OM Gold certified, BOMA 360 Designated, and WELL Health-Safety Rated. We have green amenities like secure bike parking, onsite bike repair, and wellness programming through axiis, our tenant engagement app.

Let’s build a better world, together.

Green amenities and highlights at Suncor Energy Centre include:

  • Annual Earth Hour participant
  • Annual participant in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Real Estate Assessment
  • axiis engagement app with sustainability tips, news, and events
  • Bike parking & maintenance facilities
  • BOMA 360 Designated
  • Green Cleaning Program and FSC certified paper products
  • LEED® EB:OM Gold Certified
  • Washroom plumbing fixtures are 26% more efficient than standard fixtures
  • WELL Health-Safety Rated

At our Canadian properties, we’ve been tracking our environmental performance for the past 12 years. We account for every kilowatt-hour of energy used, metric tonne equivalent of carbon dioxide emitted, and every drop of water. We’re proud of the savings our buildings have achieved since we started formally tracking our data in 2008:

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Since 2008 we've saved 125,087,485 kWh of energy.

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Since 2008 we've saved 170,550 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas.

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Since 2008 we've saved 577,159 cubic metres of water.

  1. Figures represent absolute consumption data. Normalization factors such as weather & occupant density, or operational changes are not included.
  2. Intensities are generated based on high-level calculations using absolute utility bill data and gross floor areas (no parking).
  3. Switching from Mechanical Cooling to Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling has contributed to significant domestic water savings.
  4. Savings are based on Like for Like, which includes only properties under full year operation between 2015 and 2019.

At Brookfield Properties, we work directly with our waste management providers, tenants, building occupants, and visitors towards a common goal of reducing the amount of waste we generate and send to landfill. By ensuring the correct items are placed in each waste bin, we can reduce the amount of contamination found in our waste streams. Since contaminated waste streams often end up as landfill, making the right bin choice is a quick way to make a positive impact on our community.

Decorative image of plastic and Styrofoam waste in the grass

Waste Sorting Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure all containers are empty before recycling
  • Look for recycling numbers on the underside of jars and bottles for recycling information
  • When recycling large boxes in the office, break them down so that they are flat
  • Remember that recycling at work is not the same as home
  • Remember that anything contaminated will go straight to the garbage dump
  • When in doubt, ask your tenant services manager where your waste goes

Not sure where your waste goes? Tap into axiis or click the waste guide link here.

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