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The Brookfield Properties Office Division is part of the larger Brookfield Properties global real estate services company that provides best in class management and development capabilities on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management.  As such, we are proud that the environmental performance of our portfolio directly contributes to Brookfield Asset Management’s Environmental, Social, and Governance best practices.  Visit the Brookfield Asset Management 2020 ESG Report to learn more about the positive impacts we are helping to make.

Principal 1

To develop, operate, retrofit, redesign and renovate properties to achieve optimum energy efficiency, occupant satisfaction and reduced carbon emissions.

Principal 2

To incorporate innovative environmental strategies in order to achieve best-in-industry environmental performance in all new office developments.

Principal 3

To seek best-in-class environmental certifications, actively participate in green industry organizations, and support new initiatives that foster the energy and resource efficient operation of office buildings and environmentally sustainable communities and practices.

Environmental Performance

At Brookfield Properties, our mission focuses on providing the highest quality commercial office space while bringing responsible environmental solutions and innovative energy saving strategies to our tenants and the communities where we work.

Environmental stewardship is a major component of Brookfield Properties’ strategic business plan that ranks among our key business objectives, along with revenue growth and risk management. Decisions we make as a company balance both our fiscal and our environmental responsibilities.

Our ultimate objective is to maximize energy and resource efficiency at our properties, together with the wellness and safety of our tenants, employees, and those that live in the neighbourhoods that house our properties.

We achieve this through an integrated strategy based on three principles that are embedded in the Brookfield Properties corporate culture. These tenets are the foundation of our commitment to environmental responsibility.

At our Canadian properties, we’ve been tracking our environmental performance for the past 12 years. We account for every kilowatt-hour of energy used, metric tonne equivalent of carbon dioxide emitted, and every drop of water. We’re proud of the savings our buildings have achieved since we started formally tracking our data in 2008:

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Since 2008 we've saved 861,881,724 kWh of energy.

Performance Icons_GHG-White

Since 2008 we've saved 822,590 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas.

Performance Icons_Water-White

Since 2008 we've saved 4,974,829,347 cubic metres of water.

  1. Figures represent absolute consumption data. Normalization factors such as weather & occupant density, or operational changes are not included.
  2. Intensities are generated based on high-level calculations using absolute utility bill data and gross floor areas (no parking).
  3. Switching from Mechanical Cooling to Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling has contributed to significant domestic water savings.
  4. Savings are based on Like for Like, which includes only properties under full year operation between 2015 and 2019.


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