Take Your Seat with The Group of Seven

We invite you to experience the photographic journey of a director’s chair to the North Shores of Lake Superior. The very nature that inspired the Group of Seven’s excursions to the region between 1921 and 1928, now inspires us.

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July 10 to August 26, Brookfield Place, Allen Lambert Galleria

Presented by Brookfield Place, with thanks to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Immersive experience

Scan the QR codes throughout the exhibition to immerse yourself in 360 degree photos from the very locations where the Group of Seven painted their iconic pieces.

Artist Statement

TAKE YOUR SEAT uses a camera, pen and director’s chair to share the human narrative that connects us all to each other, our planet and our best selves. Our chair serves as a symbol of taking charge. We each have the opportunity and responsibility to direct our choices and inform our lives.

For TAKE YOUR SEAT WITH THE GROUP OF SEVEN exhibition, our ability to choose is focused on both an appreciation of, and responsibility to act in the best interest of Mother Nature. Over a century ago, the Group of Seven were inspired by the very nature that now inspires us. If future generations are to share in that privilege, we each must make choices today that ensure Nature remains as that inspiration.

About the Artists

TAKE YOUR SEAT is led by Randy and Spencer VanDerStarren. Together, this father-and-son team has given a chair a voice; one that speaks a universal language of unity, responsibility, and individual power that is being shared with audiences around the world.

TAKE YOUR SEAT and their director’s chair have had the privilege of being hosted in 15 countries and counting. We extend a heartfelt thank you for being part of our chair’s ongoing journey!

This exhibition could only have been accomplished with Bo and Austin VanDerStarren, and a large team of dedicated friends of their chair.

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