A captivating nighttime view of a public art installation featuring large, luminous orbs that glow with iridescent colors in a serene urban plaza. The orbs emit a dazzling array of lights, reflecting off their shiny surfaces and illuminating the surrounding area, which includes lush greenery and flowering plants. The backdrop is framed by the lit facade of surrounding high-rise buildings, enhancing the magical, otherworldly atmosphere of the scene.


By Atelier Sisu

Presented by Brookfield Place, this immersive piece of ‘art-chitecture’ appeals to our universal playfulness and childlike wonder.  Evanescent is about living fully in the moment and not taking life, in all its beauty, for granted. This large-scale public artwork is Instagram-worthy, yet its magical message might just encourage you to put your phone aside. 

Evanescent was presented during the Luminato Festival Toronto and will be on display in Garden Court from June 19 to July 30, following the Festival.

Artist Information

Atelier Sisu is a Sydney based design studio lead by award winning artists Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield. The pair work with a multi-disciplinary team to create experiential environments, installations and sculptures. Their direction of work sits between the fields of art and architecture (art-chitecture), with particular focus in the realm of public art. Their work endeavours to be visually engaging and intellectually elegant in nature. 

Each public artwork aims to provide a unique spatial experience for its visitors, while also contributing to the visual identity of a place.

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Photographer Credit: @Ernesto DiStefano

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