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Brookfield Properties develops and operates real estate investments on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management; and axiis is the key to accessing your Brookfield Properties community. Here you can find all the information you need to make your workday a success. This includes news and events, forms and manuals, and operations and sustainability information about not only your address but our building operations as a whole.

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Spanning the globe, our properties offer best in class amenities and dedicated management teams. Click here to find your building and learn more about each of our landmark addresses.

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At the office or on the go, access everything you need to make your workday run smoothly. Learn about daily events like fire drills and tenant appreciation. Order lunch for the team. Sign up for onsite parking. Make reservations for the freight elevators. The sky really is the limit when you use axiis.

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Service requests

Lights out in the boardroom? Need help with a nasty spill? Request maintenance around the office easily. Login online or through the app.

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We’re committed to bringing responsible environmental solutions and innovative energy saving strategies to our tenants. And to our neighbors in the surrounding communities. Learn how we’re building a better world.

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Lease with us!

More than a landlord, we’re your partner. Our buildings offer world-class shops, restaurants, and entertainment. At an address your clients will know.

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World-class facilities require best-in-class amenities. The amenities we deliver are just as exceptional as the places we create.

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