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Environmental, social & governance

A culture of ESG commitment

At Brookfield Properties, we believe that doing the smart thing and doing the right thing are one and the same. Whether it’s our environmental, social, or governance practices, we operate to the highest ethical standards in accordance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we don’t just benefit our employees and tenants, but for the communities that our buildings belong to.

We make the planet our priority.

Our mission focuses on providing the highest quality commercial office space while bringing responsible environmental solutions and innovative energy saving strategies to our tenants and the communities where we work. We achieve our sustainability goals through an integrated approach based on three principles:

Principle 1

Develop, operate, and renovate properties to achieve optimum energy efficiency, occupant satisfaction and reduced carbon emissions.

Principle 2

Incorporate innovative environmental strategies in order to achieve best-in-industry environmental performance in all new office developments.

Principle 3

Seek best-in-class environmental certifications, actively participate in green industry organizations, and support new initiatives that foster the energy and resource-efficient operation of office buildings and environmentally sustainable communities and practices.

For us, sustainability isn’t a box we check.
It’s how we do business.

Respect for the environment is embedded into all aspects of our operations, from conserving energy, to managing resources, to reducing waste. And ultimately, this commitment to sustainability proves time and again that operating responsibly doesn’t mean compromising value.

Our efforts in practicing sustainable building operations have gained us industry leading designations. From LEED® certifications to BOMA 360 designations, Energy Star certifications to most recently the WELL Health-Safety Rating™ - our North American office buildings strive to achieve industry best accreditations.

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When it comes to reducing our environmental footprint, we put our best foot forward.

We focus on these key areas:

  Energy management


 Waste management

Water management

Indoor air quality

Carbon reduction

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Health and well-being programming that focuses on you

Our wellness programs are one of the many benefits of being a tenant at our buildings. It’s where we get to share best practices for gaining and maintaining personal wellness with our tenants. With our wide offerings of physical and digital events, we provide tips and tricks for building resilience and living and working sustainably.

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Wellness on axiis

  • 150+ wellness events developed by property teams
  • +54,000 lives improved through our wellness programming

Sign up for online yoga or join talks with dietitians. From meditating virtually to learning about the benefits of biking to work and managing personal finances, we put our tenants’ wellbeing first.