Brookfield Place Calgary is a full-block commercial development located between 1st & 2nd Streets and 6th & 7th Avenues SW in downtown Calgary. This block represents one of the best remaining undeveloped sites in the city and affords Brookfield the opportunity to create another landmark development that significantly contributes to the public realm.

The development, consisting of 2.4 million square feet, includes what will be the tallest building in western Canada at 56 storeys and 247 meters tall to be located at the northeast corner of the block. Leading North American oil company Cenovus has committed to one million square feet of the east tower as the anchor tenant.

In addition to the east tower, development plans call for an additional office tower totaling approximately one million square feet, a 60-foot-high transparent glass pavilion, restaurants, retail shops and amenities at street level, and underground parking accommodating 1,100 parking stalls.

A half-acre lit public plaza will traverse the site and will feature restaurants and cafés, public art displays, cultural activities and programmed activity provided by Brookfield’s award-winning Arts & Events program.

The development will be constructed to a high standard of sustainability and is expected to achieve the LEED Gold standard for Core & Shell development. Commuters will have direct access to the plus-15 skywalk system and the Calgary LRT on 7th Ave. The property will house an innovative bicycle parking facility accessible by dedicated bike ramps separate from vehicular traffic and electric car plug-in recharge stations.


Portrait of Jennise Colpitts in a black blazer and royal blue blouse

Jennise Colpitts
General Manager

Portrait of David Tran in a navy blue blazer, gray checkered collared shirt and black tie

David Tran
Property Manager 

Portrait of Mike Simon in a black blazer, maroon collared shirt and a tie.

Mike Simon
Manager, Operations

Portrait of Sean Blakely in a black blazer and tie, which a gray collared shirt

Sean Blakely
Manager, Security & Life Safety

woman silohuette

Barb Caldarola
Manager, Marketing & Promotions


Brookfield Place Calgary
225 6th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta

Security Control Room


Corporate Office

Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

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