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The next step in our ESG journey

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Operating a sustainable building is a partnership. And we need your help! Take part in the quick tenant transportation and satisfaction survey and be entered to win a Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter valued at $950!

*Draw will result in a single winner and is open to tenants of 105 Adelaide Street West only.

Instructions and resources


  • The survey defaults to miles, in the top right corner is a dropdown for kilometers.
  • If you are working from home, this is the “Telecommute” option on the survey – please enter the miles you would normally travel to the building under “Telecommute.”
  • If you are alternating your commute (i.e. driving twice/week and working from home three times/week), please ADD ANOTHER ROUTE under Route 1 until you have five entries – each entry will count as one day of an average week.  If you alternate your commute 50/50, you can complete two routes.
  • If you drive, it is very important to see if your vehicle is on the attached ACEEE list (you may be surprised, there are a lot of vehicles on there).  If so, do NOT use the Car: Solo option – instead use Car: Alternate Fuel.


  • this is assessing your satisfaction with the indoor environment of the building, specifically:  cleanliness, maintenance, comfort, air quality, lighting, views.
Image of the comment section of the LEED survey, the Distance and Alternative fuel fields are highlighted in neon green

Check to see if your vehicle is on the ACEEE list


  • Please provide any feedback in the comment field
  • In the location field please indicate your office floor and unit number
  • Important: To be entered in the draw please also add your work email to the location field.
Image of the comment section of the LEED survey, the Comments and Location fields are highlighted in neon green

Click the logo to learn more about LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Then visit our sustainability page to learn about all of our ESG programs!