Our programming enlivens our unique public spaces and brings together our tenants and communities through free music series, visual arts, recreation, and food.


A wide panoramic view of a public square featuring large, translucent orbs illuminated with shimmering, multicolored lights. The installation is surrounded by trees lit with red and purple lights, enhancing the vibrant and futuristic ambiance of the setting

Evanescent by Atelier Sisu

Immerse yourself in a piece of ‘art-chitecture’ that appeals to our universal playfulness and childlike wonder.

A bright, multicolored heart outlined in rainbow hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, set against a vibrant yellow background. This simple yet impactful graphic symbolizes diversity and unity.

Love and Unity

Help spread love throughout the month of June.

Illustration of two guitars with music notes in the background.

Morning Melodies

Join us for a live music performance from a collection of leading local musicians.


Snowfall Gust and Frost

A series of illuminating sculptures designed by Studio F Minus.

St. Michaels Choir, group of boys dressed in suits and holding white hats in their hands while singing.

St. Michael’s Choir School

Celebrating the season with festive performances.

A stylized graphic of a concentric heart shape with shades of pink and red.

Our Glowing Hearts®

Throughout February, we helped spread love and support through the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Long shot of Galleria with plastic water bottles hanging from ceiling.

Floating MaiZe

Floating MAiZE, by Jean Shin in the Allen Lambert Galleria.

Photograph depicting the art instalation Tepkik by Jordan Bennett


Tepkik by Jordan Bennett in the Allen Lambert Galleria.

Inflated cartoonish happy clouds are strung throughout the upper levels of the allen lambert gallery.

Into the Clouds

Little Cloud and three friends spent their lazy days of summer hanging out in the Allen Lambert Galleria.

Logo: Brookfield Place
Brookfield Place - Ext - Both Towers Facing Up From Street cropped

For information on where to shop, park, eat and drink and to find out more about our arts and events, contact the Brookfield Place Management Office at 416-777-6480.

Brookfield Place is situated on a 5 - ½ acre site in the heart of the financial district bounded by Bay Wellington, Yonge, and Front Streets.

181 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3

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